Best Indie Color Cosmetic


  • Conceal & Define Concealer – Revolution Beauty
  • INIKA Organic Vegan Long Lash Mascara – INIKA Organic
  • Sport Make Up All In One Terracota FPS30 FPUVA10 – Apoteka Industria e Comercio


*Your product must have been launched within the last 12 months.
*An indie brand must be independently owned (>51%) and not majority owned by a larger corporation or financial institution.
This fast-paced category has to dazzle so the judges will be looking for products that are innovative, ahead of the competition and bring exciting new looks for consumers that want to bring something new to their beauty routines.

Your product will be judged on the following criteria:

Marketing Information
How innovative is it?
Benefits to the consumer
Environmental impact
Effectiveness of communication campaign

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