Award Categories

We had 10 categories in the 2019 Beauty Industry Awards that are listed below. Check out our 2019 winners & finalists for these categories here!

Ingredient Categories

Best Color Cosmetics Ingredient – The judges will be looking out for submissions that highlight ease of formulation, cost effectiveness, impact on the environment, efficacy and function and, in particular, special effects. View more >>

Best Skin Care Ingredient – Entries for this category should be at the cutting edge of innovation, include ease of formulation and cost effectiveness, have strong environmental attributes and be highly effective. View more >>

Best Hair Care Ingredient – Because of the highly segmented nature of the hair care market, the judges will be particularly looking out for functionality that helps give brands that all-important competitive edge, together with ease of formulation, environmental attributes and cost effectiveness. View more >>

Best Sensory Ingredient – This will be decided through the submission of two topical cosmetic formulation samples representing each ingredient and will be determined by criteria such as appearance and texture, appearance on skin, after feel and rate of absorption.  This category will also require the submission of two formulation samples per entry, for the judges to test. View more >>

Best Use of an Ingredient in a Finished Product – In this category judges will be looking for ingredients or formulation technologies that help give brand owners an added edge in efficacy and function, provide overall benefits to the end user and are also relatively easy to formulate with. View more >>

Finished Product Categories

Best Indie Beauty Brand – In this category the judges will be scoring the overall brand, not product specific, looking out for the highest levels of innovation, whether or not the brand breaks new ground and what are the benefits to the consumer, while also considering the presentation of the brand and the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. View more >>

Best Indie Color Cosmetic – This fast-paced category has to dazzle so the judges will be looking for products that are innovative, ahead of the competition and bring exciting new looks for consumers that want to bring something new to their beauty routines.  View more >>

Best Indie Skin Care – Skin care is by far the biggest category in the beauty industry and the product launches just keep coming.  To stand out here, judges will be looking for products with proven skin benefits, while also having claims that put them ahead of the competition. View more >>

Best Indie Hair Care – New and successful hair care products are all about being tailored to specific needs.  In line with this, judges will be looking for launches that tackle both every day and very particular hair care issues, simply and effectively. View more >>

Best Skin Microbiome-related Brand – Products that work with the skin’s natural microbiome have been picked out as having the potential to revolutionize the industry. We want to discover the leading players in this space. Judges will be looking out for what makes your brand different, and want to hear about the science behind your products. View more >>